Ahri is available for adoption!

  • Name: Ahri

Meet Ahri! Ahri was released from our training program due to dog intolerance. She is looking for a home where she can be the only dog to soak up all the love and cuddles.

Ahri is a spunky girl who loves adventures and cozying up to her favourite people. She has a great nose and can figure out treat puzzles in no time. She loves swimming, boating, running in the snow, playing fetch and long walks. At the end of the day, Ahri likes to cuddle up on your feet, take a nap in her crate or curl up by the fireplace. She is trustworthy in the home and does well with durable toys (soft toys are just too fun to rip apart!)

Ahri loves children and has met kids of various ages. She can be a little excitable when meeting new people and needs reminders to not jump up but she settles down quickly. She has lived with a cat and would do well with a dog-savvy cat. While Ahri is excited to play with other dogs, she needs to be the only dog in the home and would not be suitable for dog parks or daycare. She becomes easily over stimulated during play and is not able to self regulate her intensity, which has resulted in her getting into scuffles with other dogs.

She has some basic training and knows her commands. She is still working on a reliable recall and nice leash manners. We recommend a halti or body harness for walks because she may pull especially when she’s excited to see other dogs.