Alvin is available for adoption!

  • Name: Alvin

This handsome guy is Alvin! Alvin is available for adoption because he has a bit too much energy for our programs. He can be quite puppyish and is still working on his manners.

Alvin is a puppy in an adult body and is looking for an active home that will provide appropriate outlets for his energy. He loves walks and would make a great adventure buddy in life. He gets excited to meet new people and will jump up to say “hello!”. Due to his excitability and his lack of experience, he would do best in a home with older kids. He does well with other dogs, and would enjoy having play dates with his doggie friends! He does not have experience with cats or small animals.

In the home, Alvin is good in his crate overnight and throughout the day when needed. His favourite thing in life is food, which can lead him to investigate the counters for tasty treats. His new home should be puppy proofed to help set him up for success.

Alvin knows his basic obedience and typically wants to work for any sort of treat. We recommend using a halti or body harness for walks. He enjoys playing hide and seek with his humans and after getting his energy out, he enjoys a good snuggle!