Arlow is available for adoption!

  • Name: Arlow

Introducing Arlow! Arlow is available for adoption because he has demonstrated a lack of manners with people and he is excitable. He can be jumpy and mouthy when saying hello. He is looking for an active, dog experienced home that can help him learn appropriate behaviour around the home and when interacting with people.

He is a goofy guy and can’t wait to meet his perfect match! He enjoys playing fetch and finding all the best smells on his walk. He would make a great hiking or walking buddy, and is good in the car if you like to travel. At home, he is good in crate when he’s unsupervised. Food should not be left unattended on the counters because he will wait for you to leave the room before sneaking a taste.

He is good with other dogs and enjoys running around with dogs who have a similar energy level. He only has exposure to older kids and due to his mouthy behaviour, should not be in a home with young kids. He does not have exposure to cats or small animals.

Arlow has some basic obedience training and is continuing to work on a reliable recall. He is strong on leash so we highly recommend a halti or a body harness. He would benefit from continued training to help provide him with adequate physical and mental exercise. If you’re looking for a spunky, new friend, Arlow can’t wait to meet you!