Jerri is available for adoption!

yellow lab lays down on dog bed
  • Name: Jerri

Breed: Labrador Retriever
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years
Size: Large (60 lbs)
Energy Level: High
Dogs: No
Cats: Untested
Kids: 16+

Meet Jerri! Jerri is currently available for adoption due to challenges with impulse control and displaying toy resource guarding towards other dogs. We are seeking a loving and experienced dog home that can offer lots of physical and mental exercise for Jerri.
Indoors, Jerri loves his crate for nap times and when he is unsupervised. Jerri would love to go to a home that is able to set strict boundaries with him and one that plans on puppy proofing the home while he works on his manners. He sometimes likes to check out what is on the counter and will attempt to claim items that aren’t his. Jerri is in the process of learning to exchange items for tasty treats, as he may be a bit reluctant to give them up or he may try to engage in playful chasing. Having grown up with teenagers, Jerri would thrive in a home with older children or no kids. He can get overexcited and doesn’t know his own strength so a confident handler is a must for Jerri. Additionally, he would prefer to be the only dog in the household.

Jerri is an intelligent and joyful companion who eagerly anticipates finding his forever home. He takes pleasure in training sessions and quickly learns new skills. While he has a grasp of basic obedience, he is currently working on a reliable recall, as outdoor play is simply irresistible to him! A home with a yard for fetching and exploring enticing scents would be ideal for Jerri. After a satisfying play session, he enjoys winding down with a stuffed peanut butter Kong. Puzzle toys are highly recommended to keep his sharp mind engaged throughout the day. Jerri is a great travel companion, comfortable in the car and he is ready for exciting new adventures with his future family.