Nelson is available for adoption!

  • Name: Nelson

Say Hello to Nelson! This handsome guy was released from our foster puppy program because he has skin allergies. He is on a prescription hypoallergenic diet and medication to help control his symptoms. His new home should be prepared for some financial investment in his health and we highly recommend working with a veterinary dermatologist.

Nelson has experience in a home with both kids and teenagers. He’s very excited to say hi to people and will try his best to sit calmly while being pet. He has limited exposure to cats and small animals, and has not been tested with cats in a home. Nelson enjoys play dates with other dogs and would loves to have some 4 legged friends!

Nelson walks well on leash with a halti. He can be easily distracted on walks and gets excited to see other people or dogs. In the home, he does well in a crate but can sometimes cry when initially left alone. He would prefer durable toys to play with because his stuffed animals seem to explode everywhere!

Nelson is an active dog that enjoys both physical and mental exercise. In his downtime, he can easily relax in the home and enjoys cuddling with humans while they watch tv. He is a smart boy that would love to do some extra training and add to his growing list of fun tricks!