Orion is available for adoption!

  • Name: Orion

This is Orion! Orion is a 1-year-old Standard Poodle that was released from our puppy program because she is an anxious and under confident dog. She is currently on medication to help with her anxiety. She is looking for a home with patience that will allow her to settle in and become her happy, silly self!

Orion is a sweet girl who loves to be near her people. She is looking for someone who is usually home during the day and can help her become comfortable being alone. She is good in a crate when people are home but alone, she is much more comfortable when she has the freedom to roam. She is trustworthy in the house and is not destructive.

Orion loves her favourite humans and can be super excited to see them. She is working on keeping all 4 feet on the floor when saying “Hi!” and sometimes excitement pees. She has some experience with kids but would prefer a quieter home. Meeting new dogs can be a bit overwhelming for Orion, so slow introductions will help her feel comfortable. After being introduced, she loves running around and chasing her best doggie friends! She would do better with a dog her size or smaller that is well socialized.

This spunky poodle loves to play fetch with a Frisbee and is learning to play tug-of-war. When training, she loves tasty treats like freeze dried liver. Once she has settled in, she’s a loving girl and enjoys cuddles.

Orion knows her basic obedience cues. She walks well on leash with her halti and is great at focusing on her person. Squirrels are a little tricky for her because they look really fun to chase! She can’t find to find her forever family that will spoil her!