Pickles – Pending is available for adoption!

  • Name: Pickles – Pending

Breed: Labrador Retriever
Sex: Male
Age: 2
Size: Large (61 lbs)
Energy Level: Medium
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Kids: 13+

Meet Pickles! Pickles is on the search for his new family because he needs some extra work on his manners and respect. He is doing really well in his foster home and has been working extra hard to be a good boy!

Pickles is described as being quite the character! He likes to test the rules and see what he can get away with – in the cutest way possible. You may often find him resting half of his body on the couch, just enough to relax, but not enough for him to consider it being on the furniture. Pickles sometimes likes to check out what is on the counter, but he listens really well when you tell him to “give.” We think he just wants some extra attention and doesn’t know how to ask for it! Pickles is great with other dogs and has even met a couple of cats! With proper introductions, Pickles would thrive in a multi animal household. Pickles loves his naps, after a good walk, you will find him slumped right next to you dreaming of chasing squirrels. He does very well in his crate, and will often go in by himself if he needs some alone time. Pickles absolutely loves car rides and he can’t wait for the adventures that his new family has in store.

Pickles would love to go to an active home and one that has so much love to share.

All around, Pickles is truly a good boy with so much personality. He can’t wait to show you his goofy nature and big heart.