Sybill is available for adoption!

  • Name: Sybill

Meet Sybill! Sybill is available for adoption because she just can’t contain her excitement around people. She is working on remaining calm when saying hello but she becomes easily over stimulated which results in her jumping, and mouthing hands and clothing.

Sybill is a very smart girl who is eager to learn. She is good with other dogs and enjoys having play dates. She has very limited exposure to young children, and due to her mouthing behaviour would do best in a home with older children. She has limited exposure to cats but has done well previously and not shown any prey drive.

At home, Sybill is trustworthy and does well in her crate when needed. She loves figuring out puzzle toys and playing with toys that squeak or crinkle. Outside of her excited greetings, she is fairly calm in the home and will relax. She loves interacting with people and sometimes barks when she feels no one is paying attention to her.

Sybill has basic obedience training and walks well on leash. She would enjoy further training and learning all sorts of new tricks! She is food driven and loves extra tasty treats. She can’t wait to meet her forever home!