Visor is available for adoption!

  • Name: Visor

This handsome guy is Visor! Visor is a 1.5-year-old Standard Poodle that was released from our training program because he struggles with his manners and submissive pees when greeting people. He has a history of itchy skin and is on a prescription diet to help manage his symptoms.

Visor is looking for a dog experienced home to help him learn appropriate manners and help him be the best family member he can be! He does not like being home alone. He’d like a family where someone is home during the day so he can cuddle and be close by. Visor is an active dog and needs adequate physical and mental exercise. In the house Visor can be a bit mischievous so his new home should be prepared to implement management strategies and puppy proof his areas. He likes to investigate counters and garbage cans for leftover food and other tasty goodies. He does well in an x-pen when he needs a safe space to hang out.

He is a smart dog that enjoys food puzzle toys, snuffle mats, stuffed kongs and playing soccer. His favourite snacks are salmon flavoured treats. Visor has a typical bouncy poodle play style. He enjoys play dates with dogs his size and is hoping to have lots of space to run around. He has some prey drive so should not be in a home with cats or small animals. He has limited experience with kids and would do best in a home with older children/teenagers, or without kids. Visor knows his basic obedience commands and is still working on a reliable recall. Playing outside is much more fun than ending play time! He walks well on leash, is good with grooming and handling, and does well travelling in the car. Visor can’t wait to meet his new forever family!