Zander is available for adoption!

  • Name: Zander

Meet this handsome guy Zander! Zander is a 1 year old Standard Poodle that was released from our program because he has mild hip dysplasia. He hasn’t shown any symptoms and can live a normal pet life but should avoid high intensity exercises like agility or flyball.

Zander is looking for an active home. He’s a smart guy and a quick learner so he would love a family that wants to continue his training. He knows his basic obedience and has a good recall although sometimes it’s hard to respond when he’s playing with his best doggie friends!

Zander likes to be part of the action where he can join in his family’s day to day activities. If he’s crated and not included in the activity, he sometimes whines but will settle and he’s improving with time. He walks well on leash and enjoys car rides so he’d make a great companion for new adventures. He is trustworthy in a tidy environment but does like to pick up items like tissue or paper towels if they’re at his level, and will carry them back to his humans.

Zander gets along well with other dogs and enjoys play dates. He also lives with a couple of cats. He does like to try to play so he would do best with a dog-savvy cat. He doesn’t have a lot of exposure to kids and can be a little nervous so he would do best in a home with older children.

Playing fetch is the best game of all time! Zander will bring you his toys to initiate play. He enjoys a variety of toys but balls are his all time favourite.

Zander will be ready to go to his adoptive home in January 2023. If you think he’d make a great new family member, he’d love to meet you!