Zeddy is available for adoption!

  • Name: Zeddy

This cute pup is Zeddy! Zeddy is a 1 year old Standard Poodle and was released from our program due to mild Hip Dysplasia. He hasn’t shown any symptoms and would benefit from being on a joint supplement to help promote joint health.

Zeddy is a fun guy looking for an active home and new best friend in life. He bonds quickly to people and struggles being left home alone so he’s looking for someone who is home during the day that can help him learn to be more comfortable when he’s alone.

Zeddy is great on leash and would make the perfect walking partner! He has limited experience with children but he is gentle when he says hello! He has grown up with other dogs and would do well with another dog of his size in the home. He has a strong prey drive so cannot be in a home with cats or small animals.

This poodle is a smart guy and quick learner! He loves treats which makes it fun to teach new things. He knows basic obedience and would love to learn some new party tricks so he can show off to all of his friends. If he has a yard to run around in, Zeddy likes to play fetch. Once he’s tuckered out, he is a cuddly guy looking for a comfy place to rest his paws.

Zeddy can’t wait to meet his new forever family!