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Providing Dog Guides to Canadians with Disabilities
Donate your Rewards Points
By donating some or all of your points, you enable the Lions Foundation to use the points towards purchasing supplies and products that are used for our clients or for fundraising events.

  •  Aeroplan
    • Thanks to Aeroplanís Charitable Pooling Program, you can donate your Aeroplan Miles to Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. Clients travel from across Canada to the training school in Oakville, Ontario to train with their Dog Guide and all expenses, including travel, are provided at no cost. By donating your Aeroplan Miles, they will help offset some of these travel expenses. To donate, please visit the Dog Guides Aeroplan page.

  •  Air Miles

    • If you have Air Miles, they can be redeemed towards flights for Dog Guide recipients traveling to the Oakville training school or you can use them to purchase a gift certificate or item for a fundraising event. Donate your Air Miles

  •  Canadian Tire Money

    • Canadian Tire money can be used to purchase hundreds of items for vehicle, grounds maintenance and housekeeping supplies. The money can be sent directly to:

      Lions Foundation of Canada
      152 Wilson Street
      Oakville, ON L6K 0G6.

  •  Shoppers Optimum Points
If you belong to another rewards program please check and ask how to donate your rewards points.