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Learn more about the organization, the seven Dog Guide programs that are offered and the impact Dog Guides have on their partners.

The Latest from Dog Guides

Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides

The Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides is fast approaching. Be sure to register by May 1st for your local walk and enter for a chance to win a $500 prepaid VISA card! National Walk Day is on May 26th, 2024. To register or donate, visit

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Raise a Puppy and Change a Life!

We're currently looking for foster families to raise future Dog Guide puppies to assist more people in need of a Dog Guide.

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Dog Guides Guardian

The Dog Guides Guardians monthly giving program is seamless for our donors and has a low administrative overhead for us. Dog Guides Guardians get the benefit of automatic donations while knowing that their gift goes each month to help match more life-changing Dog Guides to people who need them.

Become a Dog Guides Guardian

Ways to get Involved


Join the Pet Valu Walk to raise funds. Be a part of a team, or participate on your own!


Help for a few hours or long-term. There are many ways you can volunteer.


Your support will empower a Canadian living with a disability with a Dog Guide at no cost to them.

Dog Guide Supporters Did This!

Beau & Trebek

Diabetes Alert

Diabetes Alert clients have something called “hypo unawareness”. This means they often don’t feel the warning symptoms of their blood sugars dropping. Their Dog Guide can alert them to the lows that they often otherwise wouldn’t feel. “Before having a service dog, I would often go so low that I would have seizures and sometimes […]
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With Thanks to the Pet Valu Team

The Pet Valu Family

Thank you to the Pet Valu team for the incredible difference they make to provide Dog Guides, and empowering the lives of people who receive Dog Guides

The Pet Valu Family

Pet Valu is the official feeding partner of Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides

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Your donations help empower Canadians living with disabilities.