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Interested in Giving a Dog a New Home?

Not all of our dogs are meant to be working Dog Guides. And that’s OK! These dogs can make wonderful, loving pets.

Dog Guides Can Change Careers, Too

Some dogs may not have the right personality or temperament for a life as a Dog Guide. Some dogs have had to drop out for health reasons. Others are taking a well-deserved retirement after a full career. The dogs listed below are looking for loving homes!

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Adoption Criteria

A dog is a lifelong commitment. When considering adoption, it’s important to think about:

  • What type of dog will fit with your needs and lifestyle?
  • What characteristics are you looking for in a dog?
  • Who will be interacting with your dog (eg. kids, other pets)?
  • Who will take care of your dog (eg. when you’re at work, on vacation)?

Dog Guide FAQs

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Ready to give a dog a loving home?

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