Become a Dog Guides Guardian!

The Dog Guides Guardians are a key group of donors who give monthly to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides

Become a Monthly Donor

Why Give Monthly?

  • It’s easy and convenient. Monthly gifts are safely and securely deducted each month on the calendar date when you first sign up. We mail one convenient annual tax receipt before tax time.
  • Monthly donations go farther. Monthly gifts reduce our administrative and postage costs – meaning more of your support goes directly to providing life-changing Dog Guides.
  • You are in charge. If for any reason you need to make changes to your monthly gift, you can do so through the website – a link will be emailed to you when you sign up. Keep that email and the link will allow you to make changes whenever you need to. It’s easy!
  • You can be confident knowing your gifts change lives. As a Dog Guides Guardian, you will receive regular updates about the impact you’re making in the lives of Canadians living with medical or physical disabilities.
  • You’re helping us plan for the future. Dog Guides Guardians’ monthly donations provide us with an important, reliable, and predictable source of funding, allowing us to plan for the future and deliver on our mission.
  • It’s manageable. For some, a large lump sum donation at the end of the year is not always possible. A small monthly donation can fit easily into most budgets — and it’s automatic! No need to remember to donate each month.

See below for answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Dog Guides Guardians provide a reliable source of funding

Here's what your monthly donation can do.

$10 per month = $120/year

Will help train and recruit volunteers to assist our mission

Female instructor with Autism Assistance Dog Guide

$50 per month = $600/year

Provides 2 days of personalized support for one Dog Guide Team

$100 per month = $1200/year

Pays for essential supplies and training materials for a class of 6 Dog Guide recipients who come to train with their new Dog Guide at our Training School in Oakville

Frequently Asked Questions


The Dog Guides Guardian Experience

If you still have a question about the Dog Guides Guardian monthly giving program, contact us by email or call 1-800-768-3030, Dial 0.