Lions Clubs Make a Lasting Impact

Lions Clubs across Canada are important supporters, fundraisers and promoters of Dog Guides. Your efforts help us to continue to provide Dog Guides at no cost to Canadians living with disabilities.

Behind Dog Guides from the Start

In the early 1980’s Lions Clubs across Canada sought to develop a national project to reflect their service to Canadians with visual impairments. The result was Lions Foundation of Canada and its founding program, Canine Vision Canada, which was established in 1985. Now we offer Dog Guides in seven different programs.

Lions Clubs across Canada contribute as much as 20% of the foundation’s annual revenue. With no government funding, and each Dog Guide costing $35,000 to breed, raise, train and match, this support is critical.

How You and Your Club Can Help Make an Online Donation

Serving Your Community

Almost 85% of the Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides are run by Lions Clubs across Canada! Your support of the Walk is critical to raise awareness and funds year-round. You can also volunteer and support the foundation in a number of other ways.

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“I have lots more independence with Nikana because I’m not scared of dropping items outside of my house. Nikana and I triumph every day and he continues to impress me with her help! Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides has helped more than they ever will know. They have given people responsibilities, independence, and pure joy.”

Rick & Nikana

Nanaimo, BC