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New dog guide building exterior

Our current training school has reached maximum capacity for both dogs and people.

Our new state-of-the-art training school – targeted to open in 2025 – will be the first of its kind. A new school will allow us to train more dogs and most importantly help more people. The better experience that we provide for our Dog Guides and our clients, the bigger difference we can make. Serving together as a community, we can ensure Canadians with disabilities have access to a one of-a-kind training school in Canada.

Investing in the new school will:
• Create a space specifically designed to develop Dog Guides that are in demand
• Increase the capacities of the training programs
• Create an improved learning environment
• Develop the best Dog Guides
• And create more successful matches

Because when a dog’s potential is unleashed, so is a person’s.

Together we can make a difference! 

Thank you for your support!  

If you prefer, you can call (905) 842-2891, ext. 0 or Toll Free at (800)768-3030, ext. 0, or by mail or email 

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