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Dog Guides Scholarship

Changing Lives, Unleashing Dreams

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Your Gift: Paving the Way for a Brighter Future

By contributing to the Dog Guide Scholarship Program, you are helping to cover a portion (or all) of the $35,000 that it takes to raise and train a Dog Guide and ultimately match with its handler. The entire process takes up to two years and your scholarship can help cover the cost for a Dog Guide’s training, veterinary care, as well as the transportation and accommodation for each recipient while in residence at the training school in Oakville, Ontario.

Your support will help the Dog Guide team be partners for as long as 10 years, with a lifetime of follow-up. It’s a gift that paves the way for a brighter future, not just for individuals and organizations but for entire communities. The skills and knowledge required to be a handler, or a Dog Guide, aren’t inherent; they are cultivated through dedication, training, and unwavering effort.

Your generous donation to a scholarship will ensure more lives can be transformed.

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Your Contribution: Create Lasting Impact

Your contribution, regardless of the amount, will create a profound and lasting impact on people who rely on the special skills of a Dog Guide.

Please see below for all the scholarship opportunities.

If you’re ready to donate a scholarship, please click the “Donate Online” option below and select “Dog Guide Scholarship” or fill out and mail in the form in our Scholarship brochure:

Donate Online Dog Guide Scholarship Brochure

Scholarship Opportunities: Building Stronger Partnerships

Here are the Scholarship Opportunities you can support:

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Novice Scholarship – Early Training unit $5,000: Providing basic skills and training for future Dog Guides

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Intermediate Scholarship – Intro to training $7,500: Offering beginner program-specific training for dogs

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Advanced Scholarship – Skills training $10,000: Elevating skills to a high level with program-specific training for dogs

Service Dog Guide with Female Client in Wheelchair

Expert Scholarship – Final team training $15,000: Enabling in-person training for recipients with their Dog Guides at LFCDG’s training school

women in graduation gown sits next to dog in graduation gown

Full Scholarship – Lifetime partnership $35,000: Ensuring support and follow-up for the entire duration of the Dog Guide team’s working relationship. The Full Scholarship offers the only opportunity to name a Dog Guide (subject to LFCDG’s approval).

For more information please send an email to scholarships@dogguides.com