Two Future Dog Guide puppies, standard poodles

Foster Puppy Program

Provide the first home for a future Dog Guide.

Foster Puppy Program Details

Future Dog Guide puppy
  • Foster families must live within a maximum of 75 minutes from our Oakville or Breslau (Kitchener-Waterloo / Guelph area) training facilities
  • Foster families receive full training and support from Dog Guides
  • Puppies live with their fosters for up to 16 months
  • Foster families train the puppies on basic obedience skills and socialization
  • All vet, food and training expenses are covered by LFCDG
  • Puppy breeds include retrievers, Labradors and standard poodles
  • Poodle fosters are responsible for cost of grooming
  • Fully supported by a team of puppy professionals
  • Classes are held online and in-person to help fosters with puppy development
  • All Foster Families are required to have an up-to-date Police Record check.
  • If the puppy successfully completes training, the foster family will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony to meet the person who has been matched with their new Dog Guide!
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Black lab future Dog Guide

Apply to Foster a Future Dog Guide

If you’re interested in becoming a foster, fill out the application or contact: Once we receive your application, we will contact you to arrange a home visit.

If you are a current foster and need the link to the Puppy Portal, contact:

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Specialty Sitter Program

Health Watch Sitters

Health Watch Sitters take dogs in for health-related issues, such as recovery from surgery, health monitoring, and food switches/GI issues, allergy watch. Sitters should be willing to drive dog for occasional vet checks and follow detailed vet instructions. Volunteers would collaborate closely with our in-house vet team.
Time committment: Short term 2–6 weeks
Age of Dog: Varies

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Behaviour Related Sitters

These sitters take foster pups/dogs in for behavioral issues. Dogs would be sent to a special sitter with a training plan and goal to be met within a specific time frame. Examples of such behaviours include crate re-training/crate manners/settling, prey drive, recall, sleeping on furniture, inappropriate barking, leash manners (pulling, jumping up on people, etc).
Time commitment: Up to 2 months
Age of Dog: Varies

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Day School for Dogs (Kennel Alternative) Sitters

These sitters give the in-training dog a break from kennel. The in-training dog may be exhibiting signs of stress due to the kennel environment, interfering with progression in their training program. Volunteers would bring the dog back and forth to our training facility Monday-Friday, and would provide housing for the dog each weekend, including statutory holidays.
Time committment: 4-6 months, depending on dog's progression in training.
Age of Dog: 14+ months (May require daily transport to and from DG facility in Oakville or Breslau).

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Want to know more?

To learn more about becoming a Specialty Sitter, contact the Puppy Program:

Foster families are now welcome back into our vet clinics.  One person to attend appointments with their foster puppy. Guests must wear a mask while entering the facility and have no COVID related symptoms.