Karter – Pending is available for adoption!

  • Name: Karter – Pending

Breed: Standard Poodle
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year 7 months
Size: Medium (37 lbs)
Energy Level: Medium
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Kids: No
Meet Karter!

Karter is on the search for his family as he needs some work on his separation anxiety and he can become mouthy when excited. He also needs some extra help with his home behaviours. Despite these quirks, he is such a sweet and snuggly boy.

When you first meet Karter, you will be met with a more nervous poodle, but as soon as he lets you into his circle, you will see a completely different personality emerge! Karter loves to play and you can often find him walking around with a stuffed animal in his mouth. When he gets excited, he tends to get mouthy, but he is really good at self-regulating this and will grab a stuffy nearby!

Karter can also be so cuddly. There’s nothing he loves more than to share his dog bed with you. He loves his people and will often get nervous when they are not nearby. His perfect family would be one that doesn’t have any kids nearby and one with a flexible schedule to best support his separation anxiety. Karter also has a curious nose and will take any snacks left out on the counter. He’s quick and stealthy, so that is something that his new family needs to look out for.

Karter is friendly with other dogs, however sometimes he can be too much, so ensuring that it is a well-matched dog is a must! Karter is also friendly with cats. Kids can sometimes be too high energy for Karter, so for safety, he must go to a home with no kids. With enough patience and energy, Karter will become the best boy in the neighbourhood!