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Career Change/Retired Dogs Available for Adoption disqualified retired dogs

The dogs listed below are available for adoption and are looking for confident, dog experienced homes. Please read their information carefully as they may have some challenging behaviours and require a specific type of adoptive home. Interest in adopting these dogs is open to the public, and applicants do not need to be on the adoption waitlist to apply. If you would like to submit an application to be considered for one of the dogs below, please email with the dog’s name in the subject line to receive an application and further instructions.

Meet Kona! Kona is a 2-year-old pup that was released from our training program because he doesn't enjoy being groomed and is selective with other dogs.

Kona is a smart and eager poodle. He loves to train and unlike most poodles, he likes his food! He loves playing with his humans, going for walks and at the end of a long day, he enjoys a good cuddle.

Kona can be a little reserved and takes some time to warm up to new people but once he does, he'll be your best friend! Trust with his new family is very important as he doesn't like being handled. He is uncomfortable with nail trims and general grooming so he needs a home that can go slow and provide lots of special treats while training. Kona has limited exposure to children and would do best in a home with older children (ages 10+).

At home Kona enjoys playing with all of his toys, does well in his crate and is trustworthy outside of his crate in a puppy proofed area. Taking clothes that remind him of his favourite humans is a struggle for Kona so it's best to ensure things like socks, gloves and scarves are out of reach.

During his training, we saw that Kona is particular on who his dog friends are. He could do well in a home with the right dog but would also thrive as the only dog in the home. His new home should be ready to continue his training, help build his confidence and be prepared for the love and companionship a poodle brings!

This handsome boy is Fraser! Fraser is a 1-year-old poodle that was career changed from our puppy program due to his excitability and dog distraction on walks.

Fraser is a puppy at heart and is looking for a home to help continue his training. He’s a smart dog and is hoping his new home will want to teach him lots of new things. Being a young dog, Fraser is looking for an active family and home with a yard so he can run all of his energy off. His favourite games to play are tug-of-war and being chased around the yard. As a poodle, he appreciates the finer treats in life. His favourite snacks are freeze dried liver and pieces of hotdog.

He is good in his crate throughout the day and at night but has some separation anxiety so having someone home during the day would be Fraser’s idea of the perfect home. He is still a puppy so should be supervised as he likes to pick up things like tissue, socks and gloves, and play “catch me if you can”. His excitability results in him pulling towards and barking at other dogs, excitedly peeing, losing focus and jumping up. A body harness is highly recommended for walks.

Fraser likes to play with other dogs but can be a little too enthusiastic and needs some guidelines from his humans on appropriate play. Due to some of his behaviours, Fraser would do best in a home without children and as the only pet in the home. If you think you could provide a wonderful, loving home to this goofy boy he would love to hear from you!

Thank you for your interest in our career change dogs, your adoption application has been sent.