Providing Dog Guides to Canadians with Disabilities
Career Change/Retired Dog Adoption disqualified retired dogs

“Thank you for your interest in our Career Change Dog Guide adoption program. 

At this time, due to an overwhelming interest in the program, we are not accepting applications.

We encourage you to check back in regularly for updates on the status of the program.”

Thank you for your interest in our career change dogs, your adoption application has been sent.

Dog Adoption Application


When will you be ready to adopt* (MM/DD/YYYY):
Full Name*:
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Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:


Have you ever owned a dog before? Yes     No
Please describe your dog experience:
How and where did you obedience train them?
Please list below dogs you own, or have owned in the past:
Type/Breed of Dog Activity Level Sex Fixed? Owned When? Owned for
how long?
Do you still have?
What happened to dog?

Do you have any other pets in your household?

Are there any special considerations you have in adopting a dog?
Many of the dogs that are disqualified from our programs have only had basic house training and obedience. Are you prepared to take the dog to training/obedience classes? Yes     No


Type of home:
Do you? Own     Rent
Are dogs permitted where you live? Yes     No
Fenced Yard?  Yes     No Would you be able to fence an area?  Yes     No

Please describe your yard and fencing:

Please describe how you would accommodate the dog's toileting and exercise needs? :
What type of area do you live in?
Where will your dog stay when you are at home?
Where will your dog stay when you are NOT at home?
Will someone be home during the day with the dog? Yes     No
Home many hours will your dog be left alone?
Will someone be home at lunch to let the dog out? Yes     No
How many people live in your household?
Any Pet Allergies?
Will the Dog be around Children?  Yes     No      What ages?

Please describe the type of dog you would like to adopt:

*Please note that specific requests may mean a longer wait until such a dog is available.
Male or Female   Male only   *Female only     *Wait time for female dogs is usually much longer.
Labrador Retriever   Standard Poodle   Miniature Poodle   Golden Retriever (not always avail)  
No Preference   Other (if avail)
Is there a particular colour that is your sole interest?   *Note, wait for yellow and chocolate labs is usually much longer as there tend to be fewer in our programs.
What Size? Large (50lbs+)   Medium (20-49lbs)   Small (up to 20lbs)  
What Age? Any age   Adult (~1-3 years old)   Retired (~8 years old+)  
What activity level are you looking for in a dog? Always calm   Somewhat active   Very Active  

What types of activities would you like to do with your dog?
Are you prepared to accept the responsibilities associated with adopting a dog that has special needs or health issues? (Such issues could include Allergies, Special Dietary needs, exercise restrictions etc.)      Yes     No
I have read the attached letter and understand that I will be contacted by Dog Guides Canada when an appropriate dog is available for adoption and I am fully aware of the associated adoption fees.

I agree that being a responsible dog owner entails a commitment to the well-being of the dog, and I am aware that the dog will need to visit a veterinarian on an annual basis. I understand that additional veterinary care may be required as a result of illness, accident, parasites or other medical conditions and that the associated costs will be my entire responsibility. I also understand that I am required to abide by all municipal dog-related by-laws and that I will be liable for any damages the dog may cause to people or property.