Giving Tuesday

Together we have raised enough money for four new Dog Guides!

You have donated the leash that unleashes everything

Every Dog Guide is more than a companion. For a blind or visually impaired person, they are a pair of eyes. For a deaf or hard-of-hearing person, they are their ears. For someone with hypoglycemic unawareness, they are their medical alert lifeline. Dog Guides become an extension of that person and thanks to your participation on Giving Tuesday, 4 Canadians will receive the life-changing gift of a Dog Guide.
With your support and the matching donation from Frank Apa and Lexus of Oakville for $20,000, we are thrilled to announce a total of $157,299 was raised yesterday on Giving Tuesday!

Our Newest Giving Tuesday Dogs

“Help” is a Dog Guide’s middle name and you were given the chance to name their first. Congratulations to the following successful submissions, our newest Dog Guide’s will be named:
1) Francis, submitted by Frank. Named after Francis of Assisi, who was the patron saint of animals and loved all creatures.
2) Tuesday, submitted by Nancy. Each time we hear the name Tuesday, we are reminded of the generosity of Canadians on Giving Tuesday who made this match possible!
3) Metta, submitted by Susan. The name is derived from the Pali language- spoken in northern India- and means loving kindness and positive energy and kindness towards others.
4) GT, short form for Garbage Truck, submitted by Tyler who has Dog Guide Tyrrell. Mindy, Tyler’s Mom, shared the story behind the name suggestion: One of Tyler’s favourite things is a garbage truck. When asked what he would name a dog, that’s what he responded with. Tyler has been saving up money doing recycling for people in order to donate to the Dog Guide program as a small thank you for his Autism Assistance Dog Guide.
There were a number of heartwarming, thoughtful and creative names submitted. Thank you everyone for taking the time to submit such thoughtful names.