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If you have public company shares that have increased in value, there are several tax advantages to transferring the actual appreciated shares as a donation, now or in the future. Securities can include stocks, mutual funds, segregated funds, bonds, flow-through shares, and employee stock options. Consult your financial advisor to decide which investments make the most financial and philanthropic impact. Ask your broker to transfer your securities to Lions Foundation of Canada by completing the Gift of Publicly Traded Securities form and emailing it to the address provided on the top of the form.

Gift of Securities Form

The Difference Campaign

Our new state-of-the-art training school – targeted to open in 2025 – will be the first of its kind. A new school will allow us to train more dogs and most importantly help more people. The better experience that we provide for our Dog Guides and our clients, the bigger difference we can make! To find out more, book a presentation or donate, please email us at thedifference@dogguides.com or call 1-800-768-3030, ext.0.

Wish List

Our “wish list” is currently being updated. If you would like to contribute an item or make a donation towards the purchase of an item, please reach out for more details. New items are also always needed for our different fundraisers and auctions.


“Adopt” a Puppy

“Adopt” a future Dog Guide puppy and help them grow up to change someone’s life! You will help offset part of a puppy's regular veterinary expenses during their crucial first year. In return, you or the person of your choice will receive a certificate personalized with the recipient's name, announcing the symbolic adoption of a Dog Guide. Cost: $100

Your Donations at Work!

Marielle lends a paw in the Courtroom

Facility Support

It can be very isolating in the witness box. Family members or safe supporters are seated far back in the gallery. It can be intimidating to have to tell a room full of adults details of what has happened, especially in sexual assault cases. Marielle is there to lend a paw.
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