Day School Program

Help Dog Guides in Training Reach
their Full Potential

Day School Program Details

A man who is blind laughs as his Guide Dog kisses him

Some of our Dog Guides in training may exhibit signs of stress due to the kennel environment, and ultimately that could interfere with progression in their training program – enter our Day School program!

Day School volunteers bring the dog back and forth to our training facility Monday-Friday, and provide housing for the dog each weekend, including statutory holidays.

Time commitment: 4 to 6 months, depending on dog’s progression in training.

Age of Dog: 14 months plus (may require daily transport to and from DG facility in Oakville or Breslau).

This is a great opportunity as volunteers benefit physically and mentally from being around dogs, from companionship to exercise and well-being.

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Volunteers sit next to Dog Guides in training

Questions about the Day School program?

Contact: dayschool@dogguides.com