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Specialty Sitter Volunteer Program

Help give our dogs the greatest opportunity to succeed.

These volunteer opportunities would suit a person who is interested in the dog training process and canine husbandry.  You would love to care for a very special dog who has a future as a trained dog guide.  You may have vet or health care experience and would like to use your skills to contribute to the wellbeing of our dogs. You should live within 10 to 40 minutes of our Breslau or Oakville training facilities, as Day School sitters will be required to pick up and drop off of a dog regularly. All food and vet costs will be covered in full by Dog Guides.

Behaviour Related Sitters

Goal: To have a list of trained, reliable sitters who can take foster pups/dogs in for behavioral issues. Dogs would be sent to a special sitter with a training plan and goal to be met within a specific time frame. Examples of such behaviours include crate re-training/crate manners/settling, prey drive, recall, sleeping on furniture, inappropriate barking, leash manners (pulling, jumping up on people, etc).

Time commitment: Up to 2 months

Age of Dog: Varies

Day School for Dogs (Kennel Alternative) Sitters

Goal: To have a list of trained, reliable sitters who can give the in-training dog a break from kennel.  The in-training dog may be exhibiting signs of stress due to the kennel environment, interfering with progression in their training program.  Volunteers would bring the dog back and forth to our training facility Monday-Friday, and would provide housing for the dog each weekend, including statutory holidays.

Time commitment: 4 to 6 months, depending on dog’s progression in training.

Age of Dog: 14 months plus (may require daily transport to and from DG facility in Oakville or Breslau).

Complete the form below in full to apply to one of our Specialty Sitter programs

Volunteer Sitter Application