golden retriever future Dog Guide puppies

Volunteer Sitter Opportunities

Medical Dog Sitter

Volunteers will assist LFCDG’s vet clinic and play a crucial role with spay/neuter recoveries or special medical procedures performed on dogs and provide a temporary home with a calm atmosphere. Medical dog sitters transport Dog Guides in training back and forth to the LFCDG Vet Clinic in Oakville or other veterinary clinics for follow-up appointments depending on treatments.

Time commitment: Average from ten to fourteen days for spays and neuters, 4-6 weeks for other medical procedures.

Age of dog: Varies

Qualifications: Must be 18 years and older. Confidence and experience to respond appropriately to each dog’s body language. Proximity to Oakville: Residing close to Oakville is essential to facilitate easy access to the vet clinic or other clinics such as Oak Park, MOVEH, etc. A flexible schedule to accommodate the dog’s medical appointments and care. Reliable transportation for commuting to and from the veterinary clinic. Willingness to follow veterinarian instructions and administer medical treatments as needed.


Short-term Dog Sitters

Volunteers will look after future Dog Guide pups when their foster families go on vacations, appointments, etc.

Age of dogs: Varies (typically between 8 weeks-16 months)

Time Commitment: Short term


Behaviour Related Sitters

Volunteers that are willing to take foster pups/dogs in for behavioral issues. Dogs would be sent to a special sitter with a training plan and goal to be met within a specific time frame. Examples of such behaviours include crate re-training/crate manners/settling, prey drive, recall, sleeping on furniture, inappropriate barking, leash manners (pulling, jumping up on people, etc).

Time commitment: Up to 2 months

Age of Dog: Varies