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How You and Your Club Can Help

Memberships & Fellowships

Memberships and Fellowships recognize the dedication and service of individual Lions. All Memberships and Fellowships can be purchased to recognize a Lion's outstanding achievement.

Dog Guides Scholarship Program

Donating a scholarship for a Dog Guide team covers a portion (or all) of the approximately $35,000 that it costs to raise and train a puppy and ultimately place the Dog Guides with a Canadian living with a disability, at no cost to them. Select the link below to see our Scholarship page for more details and to sign up, or complete our online form.

The Difference Campaign

Lions Clubs have contributed substantial funding to every capital campaign in the foundation's history. Our current school has reached maximum capacity for both dogs and people. Help us build for the future and make a difference by training more dogs and helping more people.
For more information, email: or call 1-800-768-3030, ext.0.

Make a Donation

A donation from you or your Club helps make a difference in the lives of Canadians with disabilities. Your gift allows us to unleash potential and provide a life-changing Dog Guide at no cost. Choose to donate in recognition of a celebration, such as a birthday, wedding or anniversary.

Memorial Gifts

Commemorate the life of a loved one, two or four-legged, at our Memorial Forest or Pet Memorial Wall in Breslau. A special ceremony is held in Breslau every June.

Legacy Giving

You can make a large impact on the future of Dog Guides with a planned gift. We encourage you to consult with your legal and financial advisor.

Your Donations at Work!

Beau & Trebek

Diabetes Alert

Diabetes Alert clients have something called “hypo unawareness”. This means they often don’t feel the warning symptoms of their blood sugars dropping. Their Dog Guide can alert them to the lows that they often otherwise wouldn’t feel. “Before having a service dog, I would often go so low that I would have seizures and sometimes […]
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