Providing Dog Guides to Canadians with Disabilities
Seizure Response
Before becoming its own distinct program in 2001, Dog Guides for people with epilepsy were trained under the Service (formerly Special Skills) program. Since becoming a separate program, these Dog Guides have gained greater recognition for the incredible service they provide to their handlers.

Trained to assist individuals 10 years of age or older with epilepsy, Seizure Response Dog Guides are capable of activating an alert system or barking for help in the event of a seizure. Their ability to respond and react quickly makes them a trustworthy companion, and provides their handlers with the confidence to live independently.

Seizure Response Dog Guides allow clients a greater feeling of safety and independence.

Please Note

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently unable to accept new applicants in this program. While we are still dealing with backlogs and long waitlists for all programs, we are beginning to match, and have successfully graduated teams. With the exception of Facility Support, which is now accepting new applications, waitlists cannot be re-opened yet due to how many clients are already waiting. We hope this changes in the new year and will post an update if any other programs begin accepting new applications. 

We will however continue to take re-applications from our successor clients who have had a previous Dog Guide from us, please e-mail ( for all needed documentation.